Was Jesus Tempted As A Woman?

Was Jesus Tempted As A Woman?

Audio from sermon titled “Neither Male Nor Female” by John Thiel

John Thiel – “Did Jesus only take the male factor of the flesh?”

John Thiel – “the fact is the woman was in Jesus just as much as the man.”

This is a transgender type of Jesus.

According to this theory Jesus has to be so much like us he has to share our gender. Otherwise he can’t help us with our gender specific temptations. However adultery is not gender specific, neither is covetousness, stealing, murder, false witness, dishonouring parents, sabbath breaking, idolatry, etc, etc. None of the Ten Commandments is gender specific. 1 John 3:4 “sin is the transgression of the law” whatever your gender. Jesus doesn’t need to be a “woman in the flesh” to “succour them that are tempted” Hebrews 2:18.

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2 Responses to Was Jesus Tempted As A Woman?

  1. Jesus feels the pangs and pains of a woman in childbirth. He feels the sufferings of a woman in her cycle. These are terribly painful things that a woman experiences. Yes, Jesus does feel the pains of heartache unique to a mother regarding her children. Jesus made them male and female and is the master designer and he knows what it’s like to created and be a female. Your article above make no sense.

    • georead says:

      Undoubtedly Jesus feels sympathy for suffering human beings. But how does he feel the very pain of childbirth? Is he physically in pain every time a woman gives birth? If so this is a new teaching akin to pantheism. 1 Peter 3:18 For Christ also hath once suffered for sins.

      You say Jesus knows what it’s like to be a female. How does he know? Was it by personal experience? John says “the woman was in Jesus.”

      Yes Jesus created woman but he also created trees. Does that make him a tree? Doctor Kellogg – “The tree does not create itself; a creative power is constantly going forward in it. Buds and leaves come forth from within the tree. So there is present in the tree a power which creates and maintains it, a tree-maker in the tree, a flower-maker in the flower” – The Living Temple.

      Does Jesus feel the pain of the tree when it is cut down? Was the tree in Jesus? Was the woman was in Jesus?

      God knows when the sparrow falls and every detail of our lives and I’m sure he feels great sympathy for us. Sure he knows everything about us. But to say Jesus was both a woman and a man in the flesh is taking it too far.

      Oh by the way you’re IP address appears on email every time you comment. You are not Larry Kirkpatrick you are Ariadne.

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